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APSCVIR 2022 Summary

By Dr. Koichiro Yamakado MD., PhD

Organizing Chairman of 16th APSCVIR 2022

The APSCVIR 2022 was held as the joint meeting with the 51st annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Interventional Radiology (JSIR) and the 14th general meeting of the International Symposium of Interventional Radiology (ISIR) from 4th to 6th June 2022. The meeting was a hybrid meeting taking place both on-site (Kobe International Exhibition Hall, Kobe, Japan) and online. The theme of this meeting was “Make it standard”.

The scientific programs that include special sessions, international symposiums, and general scientific sessions covered broad and comprehensive topics about interventional radiology. In special sessions, we had joint sessions with CIRSE, SIR, SIO, and CCI. Through those joint sessions, cutting-edge clinical and scientific topics were exchanged. In the international symposiums, specialists in each field mainly from the APSCVIR community made presentations of educative and cutting-edge presentations. General scientific sessions included 20 sessions with 147 oral presentations and 162 poster sessions. Among those general scientific sessions, 4 papers were awarded as featured abstracts. In addition to those sessions, we also had a total of 34 industry-sponsored seminars.

The 3 days on-site meeting was truly memorable, especially after a long time. The on-site meeting was carried out with thorough countermeasures against COVID-19. On the first day of the on-site meeting, the ceremony for the 2022 Gold Medalist Award for three exceptional APSCVIR members was carried out: Professor Andrew Holden from New Zealand, Professor Tan Bien Soo from Singapore, and Professor Kimihiko Kichikawa from Japan. The awarding of the APSCVIR Honorary Member was also carried out: Professor Anne C. Roberts for her extraordinary support and outstanding contribution to the field of interventional radiology. On the evening of the first day of the on-site meeting, the president dinner was held at the Kobe Portopia Hotel. The on-site meeting was prosperous all days, and a total of 803 people attended the on-site meeting even in a difficult situation.

After the on-site meeting, almost all the presentations were available for on-demand viewing. We believe it was helpful for all APSCVIR communities to learn and renew knowledge. The on-demand viewing was available until July 20th. Finally, a total of 1,859 people joined the APSCVIR 2022 meeting from around the world.

We thank all the attendees for coming and participating in such difficult times. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many medical meetings were canceled or carried out virtually. However, there is no substitution for in-person, face-to-face meetings. Through organizing APSCVIR 2022, we realize that things are gradually returning to normal. We hope this pandemic will be over soon and everything could be normal again. Let’s see you next year in Seoul!