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The purpose of young IR Grant was to encourage young IRs to present abstracts at APSCVIR annual scientific meetings. Respective EC members would then need to endorse and support their young IRs.


  • Waived registration fees by the respective organising committees as an opportunity to present papers
  • SGD 1,000 would be awarded for each awarded candidate for travel support

Application Guidelines and Required Documents

  • Endorsement letter from the President of the local organisational member in support of the application.
  • Membership certification letter from the local organisational member.
  • Proof of abstract acceptance must be submitted.
  • Confirmation of Registration must be submitted for awarded applicants.

Application is now closed till further notice.


  • Applicants are to be of age 40 years or below as at 1st January in the year of the annual scientific meeting to be eligible.
  • Applicants must be Individual Members or Junior Members to be eligible. Application for APSCVIR Membership can be made on the membership page


  • OM must indicate to APSCVIR 6 months in advance of their meeting details
  • OM must waive registration fee of awarded applicants
  • Application forms made available in the APSCVIR website
  • Applications must be submitted 3 months prior to the meeting
  • Forms must be filled completely including endorsements and required documents

APSCVIR had made provision for 15 awardees with SGD 1,000 each every year.

Grant Disbursement

  • Grant will be disbursed after the annual scientific meeting.
  • Grant will be disbursed only upon submission of the Certificate of Attendance of the APSCVIR annual scientific meeting and a photo of the awardees during presentation at the annual scientific meeting.

APSCVIR had made provision for 15 awardees with SGD 1,000 each every year.